The Intergalatic Network is preparing for public testnet. Read the announcement

Omnichain identity DePIN for web3

Bundle your onchain identities into one master passport - join the waitlist to become a validator


Supports every major chain

Create onchain links between your wallets on Ethereum, Solana, NEAR, Cosmos, and more.

Any-to-any ID linking containers are chain-agnostic and can hold any number of attestations.

Human-readable addresses

Mint a .passport address to represent your whole identity container.

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One address for all web3

A single master identity for sending tokens, publishing content, voting, and anything you want to attest to omnichain.


Omnichain reputation

Reference stats like wallet age and transaction volume from any chain, making reputation portable.

Airdrop eligibility engine

Projects launching cross-chain can still allow users to attest their activity without bridging assets.


A network of omnichain identity validators

The Intergalactic Network testnet is the first step in forging an incentivized validator set to trustlessly handle identity attestation across any chain.

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